Why should you drive to Gretna to buy a poinsettia? They are grown right here. The plants go directly from us, the grower, to you the consumer. They are not boxed or shipped from another location. You choose the exact one that is right for you. They have not been kept in a drafty location, which can cause a poinsettia to drop it's "leaves" and die before the holidays even arrive. Your success is our success... we will teach you how to take care of your plant so that when you come back in the spring for geraniums, you'll be asking, "Do you want it back? I'm tired of looking at it!"

We grow several colors and sizes of poinsettias for all your holiday needs. Poinsettias are a shrubby plant native to Mexico and have been modified over the years to become the beautiful plants we know today. Poinsettias need an uninterrupted period of darkness to achieve their color. They start to change color in late October and it takes another few weeks until the color is fully developed.