Our Geraniums

 Welcome to Sun Valley Gardens, where we grow what we think are the metro's finest geraniums. Geraniums are versatile plants that can be grown in the landscaping as well as in containers. We hope to provide you with a large selection of varieties, colors and sizes that will fit your every need.

We grow zonal geraniums from cuttings as opposed to the seed variety of geraniums. Geraniums from cuttings are generally larger plants with larger blooms than those grown from seed. The name zonal comes from the darker zone you see in the leaves of most of our upright geraniums.

We also grow ivy or trailing geraniums from cuttings. Typically we grow those in either 10" or 12" hanging baskets.

We grow the upright geraniums in several sized containers, and 10" and 12"hanging baskets. As you can see below we grow 3 sizes that you would take home and replant: 4", 6" and 7" containers. There are some varieties that are more vigorous, for example the Rocky Mountain series, and we only grow those in the 7" containers.The Tango series are less vigorous therefore we grow them in all sizes. Don't be fooled into thinking that because they are less vigorous you will get smaller flowers. The straight Tango, which is an orangish red, has some of the biggest flower heads in the greenhouse!