Geraniums Care

We grow several varieties of geraniums. Both upright zonal geraniums and ivy geraniums. We grow all our geraniums from cuttings. The cuttings start to arrive at the greenhouse in early February. We quickly plant them up and get them into the optimal climate for them to flourish and become the beautiful plants that you have come to expect from. By the time we open for the season, many of our geraniums have been cared for and growing for more than 10 weeks.

Geraniums are hardy plants that will take full sun. Full sun is anything more than 6 hours of direct sun. They love well drained soil, and really do best if they don't have wet feet. They are beautiful planted directly into your landscape or placed in container. We recommend if you grow them in containers that you fertilize them every week or so to keep them blooming.

Deadheading them will also keep them blooming. When you remove the spent flower heads, it's best to follow the flower stem, or peduncle, all the way to the stem and snap them off there.