Welcome to Sun Valley Gardens Greenhouse - Gretna, NE
11345 S. 216th St. | 402.332.5115

Opening April 15th

We are busy planting geraniums and other flower baskets and pots.  If you call, you may reach us, but we are not in the greenhouse every day yet.  Feel free to leave us a message or contact us through our "Contact" page.  See you soon! 

The owner, Terry Dolnicek, and our greenhouses.

We started planting geraniums on February 5th!  It's a little early for YOU to be planting yet (even though it feels like it SHOULD be time), except maybe for spinach and lettuce.  Geraniums are fairly cold tolerant, but won't be happy with our current night time temps.  Soon, though!

People often ask us what's involved in growing our geraniums.  We grow them from rooted cuttings beginning in February. Check out the  pictures below.

While geraniums (and poinsettias) are the only crops we grow, we also sell Proven Winner branded annuals as well as bedding plants, herbs, vegetables and Burpee seeds.  We carry a variety of pots, as well as steel shepherds hooks,  potting soil, fertilizer, rabbit repellants and some insecticides.

We offer custom container planting...yours or ours.  Check out our container gallery for some of our designs.


We strive to make your experience with Sun Valley an excellent one.  Your success is our success.  Come out and see us.

11345 S. 216th Street, Gretna, NE | 402-332-5115